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A series of Aka Solar installed solar panels for a commercial property in the Missouri and Southern Illinois Area
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Q CELLS to invest over $2.5 Billion in USA Solar Market


Great news for solar energy customers as the Korean solar power company, Q CELLS, announced on Tuesday that they will be investing over $2.5 billion to expand their Dalton, Ga., facility. This is the largest one-time investment in solar manufacturing in U.S. history and it’s a major step forward for the solar energy industry. Let’s take a closer look at what this means for solar energy customers and the greater economy.

What This Investment Means for Solar Energy Customers

The investment from Q CELLS means more jobs and lower costs for consumers who are interested in purchasing or installing solar energy technology. The expanded facility will produce photovoltaic modules that generate electricity from sunlight and other components used to build large-scale solar farms as well as rooftop installations on homes and offices. With an increase in production capabilities, prices can be expected to decrease significantly on these components which leads to a much more affordable option for those looking to purchase or install solar energy technology.

Additionally, this investment will create new jobs not only in Dalton but also across the United States due to increased demand for these products and services. It’s estimated that nearly 1 million direct jobs will be created by 2035 due to this expansion alone while an additional 2 million indirect jobs could also be created due to increased demand from customers who can now afford these technologies thanks to the lower cost of components produced by Q CELLS’ expanded facility.

Solar Energy’s Impact On The Economy

The economic impact of this investment from Q CELLS cannot be understated as it is sure to have a positive effect on the entire country - not just Georgia or those involved directly with Q CELLS’ operations there. By providing more jobs and making it easier for people to purchase or install solar energy technologies like rooftop systems, this investment will likely spur more growth throughout the industry - leading to even more investments from other companies who want a piece of the pie! Additionally, it will help reduce our reliance on fossil fuels which is something everyone should be excited about!


This tremendous investment by Q CELLS is great news for everyone involved - especially consumers who are interested in purchasing or installing solar energy systems either at their home or business location! Not only does this mean lower costs but it also provides us with an opportunity to create thousands of new jobs while also helping reduce our reliance on fossil fuels - something we all should strive towards! It's clear that this is just the beginning of a bright future ahead when it comes to renewable energy sources like solar power so let's keep up the momentum!

Sincerely, Dustin Clark AKA Solar

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