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A series of Aka Solar installed solar panels for a commercial property in the Missouri and Southern Illinois Area
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Solar is No Longer In Our Future, It Is Our Future

The Sun Is An Amazing Tool

Did you know that in just one hour the sun generates enough energy that reaches the earths surface to power the worlds energy consumption for a year? Insane right? So my question is what are we doing with it? In my opinion not enough and that’s where we as homeowners and business owners can make a difference.

Let’s face it, our society is at the mercy of the failing power grid. We are seeing a push for non-combustible engines, rolling blackouts and limited fossil fuels. As I reflect on our world and how we power it, I can see that there’s a better way. Transitioning commercial and residential structure to renewable sources is one way to provide back up power and self-reliance in the face of a changing world.

Solar can literally be one of the biggest most important tools that you own. The addition of a battery backup system leads to complete self reliance for your power in times of need. One needs little reminder as year after year we see events like the recent Hurricane Ian in Florida that left such a large number of people without power.

The Solar Journey - A reflection becomes an Epiphany

After ten years of wanting to go solar my family is finally following through with the process. I began to reflect and ask myself why I have waited so long? All of this reflection made me think of an old saying, The best time to plant a tree was 10 years ago the next best time is now!

This became an Epiphany for me. It made me realize I’ve wasted money on something I always knew would be a reality. I chose to rent my power from the power company when I had already decided I wanted to own my own power. I’ve watched my utility bill go up year after year with no end in sight. Now we invest in our home, we pay less than our average monthly utility bill, while also adding value to our home, without any upfront costs or down payment.

A Sunny Ending

If I had to guess, within the next 20 years a large majority of homes and businesses are going to have some form of solar on them. So strike while the iron is hot and the rebates are there. Quit renting your electric. In most cases you will pay the same for solar as you pay for your monthly utility bill and don’t forget utility prices continue to rise, so it’s a no-brainer. AKA Solar can make your Solar Journey simple, quick and pain free so contact us today.

May your days be filled with sunshine rays!

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